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William Norwood (1788-1860)
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Born: Abt 1788 South Carolina. 1
Married: Nancy Kissiah Langham (1789-1870) the daughter of James Langham (1759-1829) on 10 May 1806 in Augusta, Richmond County Georgia. 2 3
Died: Bet 1850 and 1860 . 1
Buried: .

Samuel Norwood
Abt 1720-1790
General John Norwood
Abt 1750-1798
Abt 1725-1812
William Norwood
Abt 1788-Bet 1850 and 1860
War of 1812 Robert Pickens
Abt 1725-1793
Jane Pickens
Abt 1755-Aft 1800

Spouse and Children

      Nancy Kissiah Langham

Brothers and Sisters

William and his brother Samuel and his sister Jane set outfor Tennessee in the early 1800s. Samuel was grantedpermission by the local Indian Agent to live in theCherokee Nation at the place of John Rogers in 1803. Fromthere Samuel went to Franklin County. William and Jane wentto Giles County.

Like the Norwoods of South Carolina, William was a farmerand landowner. But for reasons unknown William neveracquired the large sums of land like his father andgrandfather. Some of the land he did have was lost due tounpaid taxes. But like his father and grandfather, Williamdid serve in the local militia. During the War of 1812, heserved in Captain James Reed's company for 3 months. Theywere stationed at a supply depot at Fort Deposit, Alabama.

William and Kissiah left Giles County about 1821 and movedto the newly open lands west of the Tennessee River.William was one of the petitioners that formed MadisonCounty Tennessee. Although his family was listed in the1830 Madison County census, he also had activities in othercounties, namely Henderson and Carroll. William was not astranger to the court system. In 1822 he was charged withassault and fined one dollar and in 1824 he filed a suitagainst L.F.W. Holland in Carroll County. The charge wastrespass and William decided to drop the suit.

About 1840 William left Madison County and moved to CarrollCounty, Tennessee. All records or the lack of recordsindicate William did not own the property he lived on inCarroll County. In 1845, William and his son John witnessedthe last will and testament of James Pinkston. William andJames would not live to see it, but their families would beinvolved for many years.

In 1850 William and Kissiah were living by themselves.They more than likely died before 1860 since they are notlisted in the 1860 census.4 5 6


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